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Before and After Pictures from Fairfield County
Total Basement Finishing in Greenwich, CT

Total Basement Finishing in Greenwich, CT

Before After
Total Basement Finishing in Greenwich, CT Total Basement Finishing in Greenwich, CT

When this Greenwich, CT homeowner decided she wanted to refinish her basement, she knew she needed a company that would not only deliver a quality product but also complete the job on time and keep costs low. That’s why she called Total Basement Finishing for a free estimate. 

Everyone wants to optimize the space in their home and, in this case, our customer had big ambitions. She wanted to re-purpose her basement as a new, multi-functional space: including a gym, a recreation room, and a bathroom. 

When our representative, Vincent Orsini, spoke with the homeowner, he recommended a FULL refinishing — including plumbing and electricity. After the customer agreed, foreman Dominick Papale and his team quickly got to work. Our workers installed Total Basement Finishing’s signature EverLast walls to provide durable — and beautiful! — support around the basement’s perimeter. We also installed a new linen ceiling

Now, this homeowner can enjoy the pleasures of a new, repurposed basement. It doesn’t look too shabby either!


Basement Finishing in Hawleyville CT

Basement Finishing in Hawleyville CT

Before After
Basement Finishing in Hawleyville CT Basement Finishing in Hawleyville CT

This wonderful family in Hawleyville CT had a semi finished basement that they were dying to finish and claim as a hosting place for friends. We came in and gave the homeowners the basement of their dreams. We came in and installed our Everlast Wall System which is 197% stronger than drywall and will never support mold or mildew. Even if the walls are surrounded by water they will never get wet. To replace the cement flooring we put in our Parque ThermalDry flooring which will not support mold because it is not made of organic materials. We also covered up the wood beams with our Drop Ceiling tiles with some beautiful recess lighting to brighten the area. Once everything was complete the home owners put in a beautiful bar with chairs and hosted many parties and many more to come. We are so happy that we could help them.

Leading Basement Waterproofing Company in Fairfield County, CT

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Expert Basement Finishing & Remodeling in Fairfield County, CT 

Whether you're looking to build a man cave, a room for the kids to play in, a wet bar, a home theater, or just want more storage space, finishing your basement can make your dream a reality.

We work in Fairfield County, CT basements all the time and know what's right to do in a basement space and what isn't. Our staff has the experience, technique and products to turn your dark basement into an additional part of your home living space.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on your basement project only to have to redo it after water damage! Choose from our beautiful, waterproof materials for a perfect basement that will last.

How We Create Your Perfect Living Space

  • Washable Basement Walls that are Waterproof
  • Thermal Basement Flooring-with a wide variety of styles
  • Mold resistant, Non Sag Basement Ceiling
  • Basement Staircases & Full Basement Bathrooms
  • Energy-Efficient, Double-paned, Basement Windows
  • Glass French doors, bi-fold doors, louver doors, and six-paneled steel doors
  • Energy-Efficient Basement Lighting
  • Written Warranties on Products | Financing Available

Mold Damage in Middle River, MD

Do you have mold in your basement?

Water can easily damage your home’s foundation, whether this be from flooding, moisture, or just excess water seeping through your foundation’s concrete over time. The real problem occurs when moisture comes in contact with organic materials like wood, plywood, carpet, tiles, fiberglass, and even products like “mold-resistant” drywall. Water in the basement means mold and rot will begin to grow on the drywall (in some cases where not visible) and will may need to be repaired, over even worse, re-gutted. But there is a solution!

Why our basement finishing products are the solution!

Beatiful Basement Flooring in Middle River, MD

To prevent damage from flooding or excess water in your basement, we install a water drainage system before finishing your basement using waterproof and mold resistant materials. Our materials look just like wood and tile but are inorganic and resistant to mold. Our materials are also easily washable. You don’t need to search for studs in order to hang items on the wall, as our panels support up to 300 lbs! Each of the panels is built with an unbroken sheet of insulation inside and the floor panels have raised pegs keeping them off the concrete. This completely insulates your basement.

Waterproof Basement Walls in Middle River, MD

Proudly serving Fairfield County

For years, Connecticut Total Basement Finishing has been recognized as an industry leader in basement finishing and remodeling basements for Fairfield County residents. This recognition comes from our millions of satisfied customers throughout Connecticut who love their basements for as long as they own their home. We do the work we do because we not only want it to look great but to last as long as the house.

Don't wait any longer to make your basement beautiful, contact us today for a FREE quote!

Job Stories From Fairfield County, CT
EverLast Windows in Stamford, CT

This Stamford basement was experiencing cold drafts in his basement and the homeowner was paying a high electric bill every month. The basement was also outdated and the homeowner wanted something that would make the area more attractive. Wanting a solution that would satisfy his energy efficiency and aesthetic concern, he called Connecticut Basement Systems to schedule an appointment. 

On the day of the appointment, our Sales Representative Don Godbout, arrived at the home to inspect the basement. He suggested installing EverLast windows would be the perfect solution for this homeowner’s needs. The homeowner agreed and quickly scheduled a day for installation.  

On the day of installation, Krzysztof and his production crew installed the EverLast windows. These windows were the best option because they are built with reinforced vinyl frames that will not rust or rot. Also, they have insulated glass so heat loss will never be a problem, which will save money on the electric bill. These windows really pop in any basement and brings in a lot of natural light. 

The homeowner was thrilled with the windows because it solved all of his concerns and made his basement much more pleasant! 

Want to upgrade your windows? Give us a call for your FREE estimate! 1-844-385-8557

Total Basement Finishing in Darien, CT

This Darien basement needed a makeover. The homeowner wanted to utilize his basement’s space to its full potential. He did his research and saw that Connecticut Basement Systems were the experts in All Things Basementy! He called them right up and made an appointment to get a free estimate to transform his basement. 

Keith Rongey was the Sales Representative who arrived at the home to provide some ideas and explain the benefits of our products. They concluded on a WaterGuard System, ThermalDry Gray Tiles, and EverLast windows. The WaterGuard System would keep the basement dry all year long by channeling water into the sump pump and having it exit outside through a discharge line. The ThermalDry Gray Tiles look great in any basement but also have the practicality of keeping the floors warm and dry every day. Lastly, the EverLast windows will make the home more energy efficient, preventing air and moisture leakage while providing a lot of natural light into the basement.

On the day of production, our team of foremen installed the products efficiently and professionally and really transformed this basement. Not only was did the basement look great and the homeowner could utilize all the space, but all the products made the basement waterproof and energy efficient. Needless to say, the homeowner was extremely happy with her upgraded basement!


Basement Transformation in New Canaan, CT

This New Canaan homeowner wanted to transform his basement to beautiful. He wanted to get the most out of his basement by utilizing the space to its fullest potential. Wanting to transform his basement, he decided to call Connecticut Basement Systems to help find him the best design solution! 

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Keith Rongey arrived at the home to look at the potential of the basement. There was a lot of options that Keith explained to the homeowner that would transform his basement. The homeowner decided to get ThermalDry Elite light pecan flooring, EverLast walls and a total basement finishing staircase. Both the flooring and walls are waterproof and will not support mold growth, making them the best of both worlds! The staircase really opens up the basement making it the first impression when you enter the basement. The homeowner was excited and impressed with the products and wanted to move forward with the project.

On the day of production, Foreman Erik Dobrzycki and his team installed the products efficiently and professionally. Once the installation process was completed, the basement was completely transformed! Now, the basement is a finished, livable and comfortable place for all to enjoy! 

Total Basement Finishing Project in Brookfield, CT

These Brookfield homeowners wanted to transform their basement to beautiful. After looking at many companies, they decided to choose Total Basement Finishing, a division of Connecticut Basement Systems. They quickly called to schedule the appointment. 

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Ralph Cioffi arrived at the home. He instantly saw the potential that this basement had. He suggested new flooring and new walls. Our ThermalDry flooring will keep the floors warmer and will give the basement a completed look. The EverLast wall panels are also a perfect solution because they are a durable, waterproof and mold resistant product. To make the basement even more complete, finishing touches could also be added. The homeowners wanted this transformation to be done and followed through the project.

On the day of installation, Foreman Erik Dobrzycki and his team installed all the products proficiently and efficiently. Once everything was installed, the basement was completely transformed and the homeowners were extremely happy!  

Want your basement transformed? Give us a call to set a free, no obligation estimate! 1-844-385-8557

ThermalDry and SaniDry Sedona in Greenwich, CT

This Greenwich home had unsatisfactory flowing and was experiencing a lot of moisture in the basement. The homeowner wanted to make her basement as comfortable as possible. After hearing great testimonials from previous customers, she decided to trust the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems to help find the perfect solution and called to schedule her free, no-obligation estimate .

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Ferdinand Gojani arrived at the home to inspect the basement. Upon inspection, he knew that we would have the products to solve the concerns of the homeowner. To address the moisture problem, a SaniDry Sedona was recommended which is a dehumidifier that will keep humidity below 55% in the area. With less moisture, the basement will become a healthier and more comfortable area. The other problem that the homeowner had was with the flooring of the basement. The floors were unattractive and they were always cold. Ferdinand recommended our ThermalDry flooring which is beautiful in any basement and is an average of eight degrees warmer than traditional concrete flooring. After reviewing each product intensely with Ferdinand,  the homeowner knew that these products would be the perfect solution for her basement.   

With a final plan set, a production date was scheduled. Foreman Kevon Barnett installed each product professionally and efficiently on the day of install. The basement was totally transformed with the new flooring and SaniDry Sedona. The homeowner was thrilled with the results and can now enjoy her basement in comfort. 

SaniDry and ThermalDry in Greenwich, CT

These Greenwich, CT homeowners were experiencing high humidity in their finished basement. The moisture was making the space uncomfortable, and they feared that it may be damaging their basement flooring. As they sought a solution, one of their friends mentioned that he recently had his basement waterproofed by CT Basement Systems. He informed them that the company had a division dedicated to taking care of such basement needs as theirs and referred them to Total Basement Finishing.

Sales Representative Ferdinand Gojani traveled to the home to evaluate the situation. With a quick inspection of the basement he could see that the homeowners had been right to call the experts at Total Basement Finishing. The high humidity in the basement was making the space uncomfortable and unhealthy to inhabit. High relative humidity and the resulting moisture create potential for mold growth and other damage to any organic materials in the basement. High humidity also creates an ideal environment for dust mites, which are the source of the #1 indoor allergen. Together, Ferdinand and the homeowners discussed the issues at hand and reviewed several possible solutions. In the end, they agreed that the best option was to replace the existing flooring with ThermalDry Elite Plank Flooring, and to install one SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier.

ThermalDry Elite Planks look just like wood flooring but are insulated and consist of 100% inorganic materials. This makes them immune to water damage and mold growth while keeping basement floors up to 10 degrees warmer. The SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier has the capacity to remove 100 pints of water from the air and move 300 cubic feet of dry air per minute. This significantly reduces humidity, kills off dust mites, and prevents musty basement odors. Soon, production began. In just one day the crew, led by Foreman Kevon Burnett, was able to remove the original flooring, replace it with ThermalDry, and Install the SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier. The homeowners noticed an immediate improvement in the comfort of their basement and were excited to enjoy it for years to come.

EverLast and ThermalDry in Stratford, CT

This Stratford, CT homeowner’s basement was little more than a bleak storage area, but she wanted to transform it into a beautiful living space that she could enjoy. That is when a friend referred her to the experts at Total Basement Finishing, so she picked up the phone to schedule a free estimate.

Sales Representative Tony Van Deusen traveled to the home to evaluate the basement. As he looked around, he and the homeowner agreed that the space had a lot of potential to become a beautiful living space. Tony proposed a few possible solutions and the homeowner decided that EverLast Walls and ThermalDry Flooring would be perfect for making the basement more comfortable. EverLast Walls combine great insulation value with durability, and ThermalDry Flooring has a built-in thermal break that keeps floors 8-10 degrees warmer than the concrete below. Both products are resistant to mold and moisture damage, and combine to give the basement an aesthetic appeal. They also installed Linen Ceiling Tiles to finish the basement completely. These tiles are made primarily from stone wool fiber, and they come with a 30-year warranty against mold growth and sagging.

Foreman Roberto DeMacedo and his crew soon came to the home to begin production. Before long, the cold concrete walls and floors were converted into an attractive living space. Installation was speedy because EverLast Walls eliminate the need for fiberglass and ThermalDry Carpet simply snaps together with interlocking joints. The homeowner was delighted with the finished results. She couldn’t believe how her basement had been transformed, and was excited to enjoy the new space!

Basement Transformation in Darien, CT

This Darien, CT homeowner was tired of letting his basement space go to waste. He wanted to cover his cold concrete walls and floor with something beautiful and inviting. The homeowner previously had his basement waterproofed by Connecticut Basement Systems and knew that they had a division dedicated to basement finishing, so he called the experts at Total Basement Finishing to help him transform his basement into an attractive living space.

On the day of the appointment Sales Representative Vin Orsini arrived to evaluate the basement. He quickly saw that it had great potential and with some work, it could be transformed into a beautiful living space for the homeowner to enjoy. Vin shared his thoughts with the homeowner, proposing several solutions that would make the basement more practical and enjoyable. The homeowner decided to make some major changes and chose MillCreek Wood Flooring for its beautiful look and functional benefits. Designed specifically for basements, MillCreek flooring is made from PVC. This gives it the look of hardwood flooring but also makes it 100% waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, and easy to clean. This homeowner chose MillCreek Light Oak style flooring, which produces a light, natural look. The homeowner also selected EverLast Walls in his basement transformation. Unlike drywall, EverLast walls are made from SilverGlo rigid foam insulation and a concrete cladding, which is finished with an off-white vinyl surface treatment. This means that there is no need for fiberglass insulation, as EverLast provides am impressive insulation value of R-13 on its own. These durable walls cannot be damaged by moisture, wont support mold growth, and come with a 50-year transferable warranty. Finally, homeowner chose to have TBF Ceiling Tiles installed to complete the room. With a 30-year warranty against mold and sagging, these ceiling tiles are aesthetic and long-lasting. Since the tiles are removable, they cover up unsightly plumbing and wiring, but allow for easy access should you ever need it. Together, these products can transform any dark basement into a beautiful new living area.

Foreman Micah Smith and his crew soon arrived at the home to begin production. Without the need for fiberglass insulation, they quickly installed EverLast walls throughout the basement. The Light Oak MillCreek Flooring lit up the basement and the TBF Ceiling Tiles brought the room together by hiding all of the previously exposed plumbing and wiring. The homeowner was thrilled with the results and could not wait to enjoy the beautiful new basement for years to come.

Basement Transformation in Trumbull, CT

This Trumbull, CT homeowner wanted to transform his unfinished basement into a beautiful new living space. With concrete floors, unfinished walls, and no finished ceiling, the basement was little more than a cold storage room. The homeowner did some research online and visited the Total Basement Finishing website. He knew he had found the answer to transforming his basement and called to schedule an appointment.

Sales Representative Ralph Cioffi arrived at the home on the day of appointment to evaluate the situation. Ralph saw that the basement could be turned from a cold, dark storage area into a comfortable new part of the home. Ralph shared his thoughts with the homeowner and proposed several products that would help complete the transformation. After their discussion, the homeowner chose to go forward with the project and finish his basement completely. He chose ThermalDry Tile Flooring in Canyon Beige for its lovely look as well as its functionality. ThermalDry tiles sit on small plastic pegs that create a thermal break between their surface and the cold concrete below. This keeps ThermalDry 8-10 degrees warmer than the concrete, which makes for a more comfortable and energy-efficient basement. The homeowner also chose EverLast Walls and TBF Ceiling Tiles to cover the rest of his unfinished basement. EverLast wall panels are made from rigid foam insulation and a concrete cladding that is finished with an off-white vinyl surface treatment. This combination makes EverLast 197% stronger than drywall and eliminates the need for fiberglass or other additional insulation. TBF Ceiling Tiles are equally aesthetic and functional. With a 30-year warranty against sagging and mold, these tiles keep plumbing and wiring accessible, even though they are out of sight. Together, these products can transform any unfinished basement into a beautiful new living space.

On the day of production, Foreman Joe Hopkins led his crew into the home to begin installation. Installation was speedy because EverLast walls eliminate the need for fiberglass batts, and ThermalDry flooring simply snaps together with interlocking joints. Once all these products were installed, the crew covered a few metal support poles to maintain the basement’s new look. They finished up and the homeowner was thrilled with the results. He had gained a whole new living space in his home, and he could not wait to enjoy it with his family.

EverLast and SaniDry in Riverside, CT

This Riverside, CT homeowner wanted to transform his basement from a cold, dark storage area into a beautiful new living space that he could enjoy with his family. The basement was large, but concrete walls and floors made it unlivable, so it gradually became a cluttered storage space. The homeowner envisioned a new basement where his family could relax, host friends, and spend time together in comfort. As he was looking for a solution, a friend referred him to the experts at Total Basement Finishing, and the homeowner reached out to schedule a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Brad Glazer traveled to the home to evaluate the basement. After introducing himself to the homeowner, Brad began to take a look around and get a feel for the basement. It was not long before Brad realized that the homeowner’s basement had great potential to become a beautiful new part of his home. It was a large, open space that could be made useful for a number of purposes. First, however, it would need some upgrades to make it warmer, more inviting, and more comfortable. Brad shared his findings with the homeowner and proposed some products that would help to transform the downstairs area. After some discussion, the homeowner agreed with Brad’s findings and decided to move forward with the project.

On the day of production, Foreman Joe Orsini and his crew arrived at the home to begin their work. They started by installing EverLast Walls throughout the basement. These innovative walls are made from a combination of rigid foam insulation and a concrete cladding, which is finished with a vinyl surface treatment. This process produces a wall system that is 197% more durable than traditional drywall, plus it eliminates the need for bothersome fiberglass batts by insulating with an R-level of R-15 on its own. EverLast comes in an aesthetic off-white color, so it does not even need to be painted (although it can be), and is the perfect first step in making any unfinished basement more attractive and comfortable.

Next, the crew installed ThermalDry Carpet in Charcoal. ThermalDry carpet comes in 1’x1’ squares that attach with interlocking joints for speedy installation and easy repair. Made from inorganic materials, this carpet will not support mildew or mold growth, and is even stain resistant. ThermalDry tiles each sit on small plastic pegs, which provide a built-in thermal break to your flooring. This means that ThermalDry remains 8-10 degrees warmer than the cold concrete below. Just like EverLast, ThermalDry is both an aesthetic and functional upgrade for any basement.

As the crew finished with the details of the basement, they added a SaniDry dehumidifier to help keep the environment healthy and comfortable. A SaniDry Sedona is the world’s most efficient high-performance dehumidifier, without a bulky heat exchange core. It can remove 100 pints of moisture from the air every day and drains itself. Plus, the SaniDry has a built-in humidity sensor, so once it is installed, there is nothing left for the homeowner to do. By keeping relative humidity below 55%, the SaniDry prevents mold from occurring and rids the home of common indoor allergens, such as those caused by dust mites. It is an effective and efficient way to keep any part of your home dry and healthy.

As the crew finished up their work, the homeowner was astonished at the results. With new walls and floors, he hardly recognized his basement. He was excited with the new addition to his home, and could not wait to share it with friends and family.

Finished Basement in Fairfield, CT

This Fairfield, CT home had a cold, bleak basement that the homeowners were not comfortable spending time in. They felt that the basement was going to waste, and wanted to turn it into a nice livable space that they could enjoy. Since they already had their basement waterproofed by Connecticut Basement Systems, the homeowners knew that they could trust Total Basement Finishing (A division of Connecticut Basement Systems) to find a basement solution for them. 

On the day of the appointment Salesman Ralph Cioffi arrived to meet with the homeowners. After evaluating the basement He concluded that new walls and floors were exactly what the basement needed to become more comfortable and inviting for everyone. Ralph spoke with the homeowners and together they came up with a plan that worked best for them. Soon, Foreman Krzys Wilk traveled to the home to begin production. He started with EverLast wall panels, which are strong, durable and waterproof, making it the perfect wall system for any basement environment. Next, he installed ThermalDry flooring, which is waterproof and helps to keep basement floors an average of eight degrees warmer than the concrete floors beneath. After some finishing touches, the project was complete, and the homeowners could not believe how their basement had been transformed. They were very pleased with the results and very excited to enjoy their newly finished basement for years to come. 


ThermalDry Flooring in Redding, CT

This Redding, CT home had cold floors and moisture in the basement. The homeowners wanted to be able to comfortably enter their basement and utilize its full potential. With this in mind as their goal, they decided to trust the best in the business, Total Basement Finishing.

Tony Van Deusen was the Sales Representative who arrived at the home on the day of the free, no-obligation estimate. He was able to inspect the basement and identify the key problematic areas that contributed to the cold air and moisture. There was air flowing freely through the rim joists and flooring of the basement. This was causing the uncomfortable draft and cold floors. Moisture was also able to travel through these areas. Tony then went over all the options with the homeowners for a permanent solution and they decided on installing a SaniDry Sedona, rim joist insulation and ThermalDry tile.

On the day of install, Foreman Viktor Ivan Paul was able to install everything efficiently and precisely. The ThermalDry Sandstone Gray tile was a fantastic choice. Not only did it transform the basement aesthetically, but it also prevents any air or moisture from entering the basement. With the rim joists now insulated, the area can stay at a constant temperature with no drafts. The SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was also installed to keep humidity at a healthy 55% in the space. 

With the basement now comfortable and dry, the homeowners can now utilize the space to its full potential and are thrilled with the results!

Total Basement Finishing in Easton, CT

Within this Easton, CT basement was originally emptiness and unused space. With wiring coming down from the ceiling, rotted window frames, cold basement floors, and other negatives, this basement had much room for improvement. The homeowners eventually figured it was time to finish their basement and turn it into something they could utilize and use to greatly improve the overall look of their house.

The homeowners smartly contacted Total Basement Finishing in which our sales representative, James Stablein, was able to offer a free inspection and estimate of the cost of finishing their basement. After coming to an agreement on what the basement should look like post-production, a TBF crew was assembled and was ready to completely transform this basement. 

With such a large project ahead of our crew, they had to figure out what was going to be needed in finishing this basement and carrying out the homeowners’ vision. What was used in this project includes  Everlast wall panels, an oakwood staircase, 2 doors, 16 outlets or switches, a base electrical system, 25 light bulbs, a handrail for the staircase, 4 Everlast basement windows, light pecan wood flooring, and baseboard heating.

Once everything was properly installed, the entire look of the basement had changed. A once dull and dreary basement was now the epicenter of the entire house. It was an extremely noticeable transformation which left the homeowners ecstatic with the endless possibilities they could do with their newly finished basement.


Basement Finishing in Greenwich, CT

In this Greenwich basement, the homeowners were originally dealing with an unfinished basement but they made the best out of it at the time. Even with an unfinished basement, this spacious room was used for some entertainment such as a ping pong table and couches angled to watch TV. However, there was also mutiple areas of the basement that were just used for storage and made the basement crowded. The combination of lack of organized space and a dull, dark, and cold basement drove these homeowners to realizing they wanted to finish their basement.

Luckily for them, Total Basement Finishing was more than ready to handle any requests thrown their way from the people living in this Greenwich home. After giving a call to TBF and having our sales representative, Vin Orisini provide them with a free inspection and estimate for finishing their basement, Vin and the homeowners created a plan and mapped out what was going to be installed in order to create their dream basement. We assembled a team of TBF workers after planning what the new look of the basement would be and began the transformation immediately.

In order to change the look of the basement from a dim, concrete box, our TBF team used nothing but our best basement finishing solutions in order to enhance every aspect of a basement. Included in these solutions were our Everlast wall panels, ceiling linen, an Everlast sliding window with a SunHouse window well, ThermalDry flooring tiles, a full bathroom, baseboard heat, pine stairs, and hand rails for the staircase. It is safe to say that installing everything previously listed took some time but also completely transformed what was once a boring and unfinished basement into a bright, modern, and beautiful open area that left the homeowners infinite possibilities as to what they would want to use this space for.

After the job was completed, these Greenwich house owners were ecstatic to see just how much a finished basement can change the look and feel of an entire house. With the help of our foreman Dominick Papale, this basement transformation was done quickly and professionally. The homeowners were more than satisfied with the work from our entire TBF team and were extremely grateful for the great work that they did.

Complete Basement Transformation in Monroe, CT

In a home located in Monroe, Connecticut, the owner had not been utilizing his unfinished basement at all. At the time when this basement was unfinished, it was used for nothing more than storage space. This room had little lighting, only concrete flooring and walls, but if finished, could become the best part of the house instantaneously. Once the homeowner came to that realization, he decided it was time to finish his basement and made and excellent decision by calling Total Basement Finishing.

Our sales representative, Vin Orsini provided all the information in order start transforming this basement after a TBF crew was assembled. The foreman of the crew, Sheldon Lennon, headed the project and helped install all the basement finishing solutions we used for this Monroe basement. These solutions included, Everlast wall panels, ThermalDry flooring tiles, a baseboard heating system, an electrical system, ceiling linen, and a new door with a frame. Although these are common items that our TBF crew uses to transform basements, the results speak as to why they are commonly used options.

This basement was turned from a dull storage unit into a bright, comfortable living space that could be used for many different uses. There is no doubt that without the expert help of our TBF crew, this basement would not be nearly as inviting as well as being completed in a timely manner. This Monroe homeowner was more than pleased with how his basement looked now and could not find one negative with the work our team did. 


Work Requests From Fairfield County, CT
Project Location: Fairfield, CT
Small Cape house that has a sump pump and does get water from time to time. we would consider waterproofing and finishing the basement for additional living space
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Project Location: Fairfield, CT
Unfinished basement - discuss
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We are in the process of purchasing a house in Fairfield and we need to have the basement windows and window wells replaced/fixed. Wondering how much this would cost. There are 5-7 windows (some cracked a few completely broken).
Project Location: Fairfield, CT
Smells in the basement.
Project Location: Fairfield, CT
Very old wet basement with old isultion on ceiling water problems! damp musty/moldy smell.
Project Location: Fairfield, CT
Need to have our basement waterproofing updated
Project Location: Fairfield, CT
My cellar window cover is broken and need it rplaced
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