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Before and After Pictures from Hartford County
Waterproofing and Finishing in Newington, CT

Waterproofing and Finishing in Newington, CT

Before After
Waterproofing and Finishing in Newington, CT Waterproofing and Finishing in Newington, CT

Cluttered with storage items and unused furniature, this Newington, CT basement was not being utilized in the way it should be. This basement was fully finished with Everlast R-15 Perimeter Wall, a full bath, SaniDry Sedona, and more to make this basement both beautiful and dry. 

Waterproofing and Finishing in Newington, CT

Waterproofing and Finishing in Newington, CT

Before After
Waterproofing and Finishing in Newington, CT Waterproofing and Finishing in Newington, CT

Cluttered with storage items and unused furniature, this Newington, CT basement was not being utilized in the way it should be. This basement was fully finished with Everlast R-15 Perimeter Wall, a full bath, SaniDry Sedona, and more to make this basement both beautiful and dry. 

Basement Finishing in Wethersfield CT

Basement Finishing in Wethersfield CT

Before After
Basement Finishing in Wethersfield CT Basement Finishing in Wethersfield CT

The M. Family wanted a playroom / family room: a warm, comfortable and safe space for kids and family to hang out. They had a semi-finished basement with a lot of cement that was cold and potentially dangerous as a playroom space. The basement had been previously waterproofed but not effectively: there were obvious water spots from previous water damage in the ceiling tiles. To replace the old walls, we put in our beautiful Everlast Wall Panels which are not only attractive, they are mold, rot and dent-resistant. They also come with a 50 year warranty! To replace the updated carpet that had not aged well, we installed our Thermal Dry Basement Flooring System. This flooring system is stain resistant, will not support mold or mildew, and is available in a variety of colors. Lastly we installed out ceiling tile system with recessed lighting fixtures to replace their damaged tiles.

The homeowners were eager to get started using their cozy dry family living space!

Experienced Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Company serving Hartford County, CT

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Expert Basement Finishing & Remodeling in Hartford County, CT 

Whether you're looking to build a man cave, a room for the kids to play in, a wet bar, a home theater, or just want more storage space, finishing your basement can make your dream a reality.

We work in Hartford County, CT basements all the time and know what's right to do in a basement space and what isn't. Our staff has the experience, technique and products to turn your dark basement into an additional part of your home living space.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on your basement project only to have to redo it after water damage! Choose from our beautiful, waterproof materials for a perfect basement that will last.

How We Create Your Perfect Living Space

  • Washable Basement Walls that are Waterproof
  • Thermal Basement Flooring-with a wide variety of styles
  • Mold resistant, Non Sag Basement Ceiling
  • Basement Staircases & Full Basement Bathrooms
  • Energy-Efficient, Double-paned, Basement Windows
  • Glass French doors, bi-fold doors, louver doors, and six-paneled steel doors
  • Energy-Efficient Basement Lighting
  • Written Warranties on Products | Financing Available

Mold Damage in Middle River, MD

Do you have mold in your basement?

Water can easily damage your home’s foundation, whether this be from flooding, moisture, or just excess water seeping through your foundation’s concrete over time. The real problem occurs when moisture comes in contact with organic materials like wood, plywood, carpet, tiles, fiberglass, and even products like “mold-resistant” drywall. Water in the basement means mold and rot will begin to grow on the drywall (in some cases where not visible) and will may need to be repaired, over even worse, re-gutted. But there is a solution!

Why our basement finishing products are the solution!

Beatiful Basement Flooring in Middle River, MD

To prevent damage from flooding or excess water in your basement, we install a water drainage system before finishing your basement using waterproof and mold resistant materials. Our materials look just like wood and tile but are inorganic and resistant to mold. Our materials are also easily washable. You don’t need to search for studs in order to hang items on the wall, as our panels support up to 300 lbs! Each of the panels is built with an unbroken sheet of insulation inside and the floor panels have raised pegs keeping them off the concrete. This completely insulates your basement.

Waterproof Basement Walls in Middle River, MD

Proudly serving Hartford County

For years, Connecticut Total Basement Finishing has been recognized as an industry leader in basement finishing and remodeling basements for Hartford County residents. This recognition comes from our millions of satisfied customers throughout Connecticut who love their basements for as long as they own their home. We do the work we do because we not only want it to look great but to last as long as the house.

Don't wait any longer to make your basement beautiful, contact us today for a FREE quote!

Case Studies From Hartford County
This Manchester basement was cold, damp and uninviting. Water was constantly entering the basement which was quite a nuisance for the homeowner. He...
Job Stories From Hartford County, CT
Total Basement Transformation in New Britain, CT

This homeowner wanted to transform her basement to beautiful.  She was tired of her basement being an uninviting and dreary space to be in. She did her homework and decided to reach out to Total Basement Finishing, a division of Connecticut Basement Systems, to get the job done.

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Taz Petersen arrived at the home to give an inspection and to propose some products to install. Upon inspection, he realized how much potential this basement had. He explained the different product options she had, and together they came up with a plan to truly transform this basement.

The total install time took 14 days to complete. Foreman Erik D. and his crew installed new walls, floors, and ceiling. EverLast wall panels are strong and durable while they also prevent moisture and mold. ThermalDry flooring is 8-10 degrees warmer than the concrete they are under while still looking fantastic in a basement.  Ceiling linen gives the basement a bright and completed look. In addition to some storage areas and a bathroom, you would not even be able to recognize this basement compared to how it originally looked. Now, the homeowner actually enjoys going to her basement to relax and have guest over. Another happy customer for the Total Basement Finishing team!  

Total Basement Finishing Project in Avon, CT

This Avon homeowner wanted to transform her basement to beautiful. She wanted to utilize the space to its fullest potential while also creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. She did her research and decided to trust the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems.

On the day of the free, no obligation estimate, Sales Representative Keith Rongey arrived at the home to assess the basement. He concluded that the basement had a lot of potential and suggested to have a full basement finishing project. This project would include: new walls, doors and ceiling. After discussing each product with Keith, the homeowner was confident in this plan and was ready to have her basement transform. 

On the day of installation, Foreman Erik Dobrzycki installed all the products professionally and efficiently. The EverLast wall panels are durable and are resistant to moisture and mold. Ceiling tile looks great in any basement and truly gives the area a finished look. New doors were a custom fit and a half wall was installed in front of the stairs to give the area a more sophisticated look. Once the project was completed, the homeowner was in awe with her transformed basement! 

WaterGuard and SuperSump in West Hartford, CT

This homeowner in West Hartford, CT noticed that water was seeping into her basement, especially after heavy rainfall and snowmelt. She was frustrated because she could not locate the source of the leaks, and now her finished basement was suffering water damage because of it. To keep the issue from escalating, the homeowner reached out to Total Basement Finishing in search of a solution.

Matthew Kraus, a Certified Waterproofing Professional, traveled to West Hartford to visit the homeowner and assess the issue at hand. After inspecting the basement’s affected areas, he determined that there were multiple causes for the water damage. For one, groundwater was saturating the home’s backfill – the dirt just outside the basement walls. This water was building up and putting pressure on the basement walls, eventually leaking inside. There was also a significant amount of moisture collecting near the water heater and other pipes. This is a common source of basement moisture because warm summer air produces condensation as it flows over the pipes that store cold water in the home. It is also important for homeowners to inspect their water heaters periodically, because these heaters do fail eventually, which leads to extensive leaking. Matthew proceeded to explain his findings and propose a few possible solutions. After reviewing her options, the homeowner decided to move forward and improve the quality of her basement with several Total Basement Finishing products.

Foreman Kevon Barnett and his crew led the way into production by removing the damaged walls. This allowed them to replace the damaged material with EverLast Wall Panels. Unlike drywall with fiberglass insulation, these panels are made from Rigid Foam Insulation that comes with a 50-year transferable warranty and won’t support mold growth or be damaged by moisture. Next, the crew installed a WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System along the perimeter of the entire basement. This is a drainage channel just below the surface of the floor that directs all leaking groundwater to the sump pump, which then pumps the water up and out of the basement. This homeowner invested in two sump pumps to protect her finished basement. Her primary pump, the SuperSump, can remove 2,650 gallons of water per hour at 8 feet of lift smoothly and quietly. The second pump, the UltraSump3, is a Battery Back-Up System that kicks in automatically should the primary pump be disabled due to a power outage, tripped circuit breaker, or any other kind of unexpected failure.

The crew also installed a FloodRing near the water heater, which directs moisture away from this area and into the WaterGuard drainage system. Finally, Kevon and his crew wrapped up the project by covering the basement’s cement floor with ThermalDry Carpet. This flooring is waterproof and won’t support mold growth, plus it stays 8-10 degrees warmer than the cold concrete below. After learning about the function of these products and witnessing their installation, the homeowner was pleased to see that her basement had been effectively protected against groundwater leaks and mold growth.

EverLast and ThermalDry in Enfield, CT

These Enfield, CT homeowners had an unfinished basement but wanted to utilize the space for something more than just storage. After seeing one of our television commercials, they picked up the phone and called the experts at Total Basement Finishing to explore potential improvements.

Sales Representative Taz Peterson traveled to the Enfield home to evaluate the basement and consider what improvements could be made. As is typical, the unfinished basement had a concrete floor and unfinished walls that made the space cold and unappealing. Taz reviewed several possible solutions with the homeowners and they decided that EverLast Wall Panels and ThermalDry Tiled Flooring would be great for making the basement more comfortable, with Basement Systems Ceiling Tiles to complete the room. These wall panels and ceiling tiles each have excellent insulating value and, just like the flooring, are resistant to moisture damage and mold growth. ThermalDry Tiling will never crack or shatter and has a small plastic base to separate the material from the cold basement floor. This keeps it 8-10 degrees warmer than normal.

Foreman Richard Sodins led a crew into the basement to begin production. Soon, the cold concrete floor, unsightly walls, and open overhead rafters were converted into a tidy, livable space. The insulating quality of these Total Basement Finishing products even eliminated the need for drywall and fiberglass insulation altogether. Next, the crew was able to focus on the many details that truly make a finished basement. They constructed decorative coverings to conceal two separate metal support posts, added a hand rail for the staircase, and tended to air ducts and electrical work. Upon completion, the homeowners were excited to use their finished basement as a comfortable living space.

Basement Transformation in Tariffville, CT

This Tariffville, CT homeowner wanted to improve her home by adding some additional living space. Rather than bothering with the complications of an upper level home addition, she wanted to transform her basement into a beautiful living space that family and friends could use as a guest room. Of course, nobody wants to stay in a room with concrete walls and floors, so she took to the internet to research the experts at Total Basement Finishing and called them to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation estimate.

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Michael McCarty traveled to the home to assess the basement. Michael entered the basement and quickly realized that the homeowner’s basement had a lot of potential to become a valuable addition to the home. Though the project would be extensive, it would add a great deal of square footage to the home. This would increase the value of the home and allow the homeowner to use her basement as she pleased. Michael shared his overall findings and proposed some potential solutions to the homeowner. After discussing her options with Michael, the homeowner decided to move forward with the project and begin her basement transformation.

Foreman Adam Przybylski and his crew traveled to the home to begin production. Since the homeowner wanted to use the space as a guest room, the crew began by installing an egress window and window well. Building codes require that living areas in the basement have a window large enough to allow safe exit in the case of an emergency. This large window also adds to the visual appeal of a finished basement by increasing natural light and giving the room a more open, natural feel.

Next, the crew installed EverLast Walls. These are not just aesthetic wall panels, they are a durable wall system that is 197% stronger than drywall. Each panel consists of 2 ½ inches of rigid foam insulation covered by a 1/2-inch concrete cladding, which is finished with an off-white vinyl surface treatment. The result is a wall panel that will not support mold growth or be damaged by moisture. EverLast also eliminates the need to install fiberglass batts or other insulation, which speeds up the basement finishing process. With a 50-year transferable warranty to back them up, EverLast wall panels are a great way to finish basement walls.

The crew then began installing Finished Linen Ceiling Tiles. Most ceiling tiles are made from wood fiber, which is easily damaged by water and often begins to sag over time. Finished Linen tiles are made from stone wool fiber, which is why they come with a 30-year warranty against mold growth and sagging. With Finished Linen homeowners get all the convenient access that a drop-ceiling offers without sacrificing any visual appeal or durability.

Finally, the crew installed ThermalDry vinyl tiles in Sandstone Gray. Like all Total Basement Finishing products, ThermalDry combines aesthetic value with functional performance. Designed specifically for basements, this flooring is made from inorganic materials that will not support mold growth or be damaged by moisture. Each 1’x1’ tile stands on small plastic pegs that create a thermal break between the cold concrete floor and ThermalDry. This keeps the basement floor 8-10 degrees warmer than the concrete below, making for a more comfortable and energy efficient basement.

As the crew finished their work and cleaned up, the homeowner could not believe how her basement had been transformed. With clean EverLast walls and warm ThermalDry flooring, her once drab basement had become a beautiful living space that would help her family and their guests comfortable for years to come.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Millcreek Flooring and EverLast Walls in Windsor, CT

This Hampden, CT homeowner was tired of letting his unfinished go to waste. With concrete walls and floors, it was essentially a cold, dark storage space. Of course, the homeowner wanted a basement that he could use for more than stacking boxes. He knew that by finishing his basement, he could increase the value and square footage of his home. Looking for a way to begin the process, he reached out to the experts at Total Basement Finishing to schedule a free estimate.  

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Ronald Marra arrived at the home to assess the basement. Ronald began by taking some measurements and inspecting the area, and he quickly found that the basement had the potential to become a beautiful living space. As he shared his findings with the homeowner, he proposed some products that would help transform the basement. The homeowner was excited by their discussion and decided to move forward with the project. 

Foreman Erik Dobrzycki and his crew traveled to the home on the day of production to begin their work. They started with the unfinished concrete walls, installing beautiful EverLast wall panels. These innovative walls are made from a combination of rigid foam insulation and a vinyl-treated, ½ inch thick concrete cladding. The result is a wall system with superior insulation value and unmatched durability. In fact, EverLast is 197% stronger than traditional drywall and provides an R-value of R-15, making it the perfect way to finish basement walls.

Next, the crew covered the concrete floors with MillCreek Mahogany floors. Designed specifically for basement environments, MillCreek flooring offers all the aesthetic appeal of real hardwood floors, but with none of the disadvantages. Made from inorganic materials, this flooring will never be damaged by moisture and will not support mildew or mold growth. It is 100% waterproof and sure to keep any basement healthy and beautiful.

The crew finished up their work by installing a SaniDry Dehumidifier and Air Sanitizer in the basement. This highly efficient dehumidifier can be crucial to maintaining a comfortable, healthy basement environment. With a certified Energy Star rating, the SaniDry Sedona moves over 300 cubic feet of dry air per minute and cleans the air in your home effectively. By keeping relative humidity below 55% the SaniDry prevents mold growth and common indoor allergens such as those caused by dust mites.

As the crew wrapped up production, the homeowner was thrilled with the results. He hardly recognized his basement, and could not wait to share it with friends and family for years to come.

Ceiling Linen, EverLast, and ThermalDry in Bristol, CT

This Bristol, CT basement was in need of some important upgrades. The owner wanted to brighten up his dark, cold basement and turn it into a warmer, more comfortable space. When one of his friends told him about the experts at Total Basement Finishing, he picked up the phone and called to schedule an appointment.

On the day of the appointment, salesman Matt Kraus arrived at the home to conduct a full inspection of the basement.  Matt then talked with the owner to develop a strong understanding of their vision for their new basement. After getting on the same page with the owner, Matt formulated the best possible solution to fit his needs. Once he was introduced to our solutions and design options, the owner was excited about his basement transformation and decided to schedule a date to begin the project with Total Basement Finishing. 

On the day of production our veteran Basement Finishing Foreman, Sheldon Lennon, arrived with his crew to begin this basement transformation. He began by installing our moisture-resistant Sandstone Gray ThermalDry Tile Flooring throughout the basement, which includes a thermal barrier and helps to make basements both warm and beautiful. Next he installed our beautifully bright, yet durable EverLast wall panels, which even come with built-in rigid foam insulation to create a warm, comfortable basement environment. Finally, Sheldon installed our patented Ceiling Linen Tiles overhead, which help to give the basement a nice finished look. Ceiling Linen is designed specifically for basement environments, and support mold growth or sag over time.  

After some finishing touches, the basement was complete and had been completely transformed. The homeowner was excited about the finished product and can now enjoy his newly finished space for years to come. 

Work Requests From Hartford County, CT
Project Location: Hartford, CT
Basement waterproofing.
Project Location: Hartford, CT
Leak from puddle near outside of chimney and it is leaking into the basement
Project Location: Hartford, CT
Wet basement...water intruding from ash pits. Extensive work done to chimney inn 2018.
Project Location: Hartford, CT
We'd like an estimate for installation of a sump pump battery backup system
Project Location: Hartford, CT
Our house is relatively new construction (2005) and is at the lowest point in the street. During rain storms we get flooding by the garage and front stairs and erosion of our driveway and side of the house. We're looking for solutions.
Project Location: Hartford, CT
Small hairline crack in foundation that water seeps in after major rain
Project Location: Hartford, CT
Lower portion of basement wall - flaking and crumbling
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