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Before and After Pictures from Middletown
ThermalDry Carpet and ZenWall in Middletown, CT

ThermalDry Carpet and ZenWall in Middletown, CT

Before After
ThermalDry Carpet and ZenWall in Middletown, CT ThermalDry Carpet and ZenWall in Middletown, CT

Before, this Middletown, CT basement was an eyesore. The wood wall panels and uncomfortable brick floors were not ideal for this homeowner. With a vision of a transformation, the homeowner decided to contact the experts at Total Basement Finishing! 

Now, the basement is completely transformed with upgraded floors and walls. Zenwall was installed to the walls and is a superior wall upgrade. The benefits include: waterproof and stain resistant, insulated core and reflective backing for improved comfort and energy efficiency and it will capture all wall seepage and leaks. ThermalDry carpet replaced the cold, brick flooring to create a more comfortable area. Not only will this carpet be more comfortable, but it will not support mold, odor or rot. Lastly, an EverLast window insert replace the old window to create a more energy efficiency basement and to allow more natural light to come through the basement. The homeowner was impressed with the transformation! 

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Expert Basement Finishing & Remodeling in Middletown, Connecticut 

Whether you're looking to build a man cave, a room for the kids to play in, a wet bar, a home theater, or just want more storage space, finishing your basement can make your dream a reality.

We work in Middletown, CT basements all the time and know what's right to do in a basement space and what isn't. Our staff has the experience, technique and products to turn your dark basement into an additional part of your home living space.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on your basement project only to have to redo it after water damage! Choose from our beautiful, waterproof materials for a perfect basement that will last.

How We Create Your Perfect Living Space

  • Washable Basement Walls that are Waterproof
  • Thermal Basement Flooring-with a wide variety of styles
  • Mold resistant, Non Sag Basement Ceiling
  • Basement Staircases & Full Basement Bathrooms
  • Energy-Efficient, Double-paned, Basement Windows
  • Glass French doors, bi-fold doors, louver doors, and six-paneled steel doors
  • Energy-Efficient Basement Lighting
  • Written Warranties on Products | Financing Available

Mold Damage in Middle River, MD

Do you have mold in your basement?

Water can easily damage your home’s foundation, whether this be from flooding, moisture, or just excess water seeping through your foundation’s concrete over time. The real problem occurs when moisture comes in contact with organic materials like wood, plywood, carpet, tiles, fiberglass, and even products like “mold-resistant” drywall. Water in the basement means mold and rot will begin to grow on the drywall (in some cases where not visible) and will may need to be repaired, over even worse, re-gutted. But there is a solution!

Why our basement finishing products are the solution!

Beatiful Basement Flooring in Middle River, MD

To prevent damage from flooding or excess water in your basement, we install a water drainage system before finishing your basement using waterproof and mold resistant materials. Our materials look just like wood and tile but are inorganic and resistant to mold. Our materials are also easily washable. You don’t need to search for studs in order to hang items on the wall, as our panels support up to 300 lbs! Each of the panels is built with an unbroken sheet of insulation inside and the floor panels have raised pegs keeping them off the concrete. This completely insulates your basement.

Waterproof Basement Walls in Middle River, MD

Proudly serving Middletown

For years, Connecticut Total Basement Finishing has been recognized as an industry leader in basement finishing and remodeling basements for Middletown residents. This recognition comes from our millions of satisfied customers throughout Connecticut who love their basements for as long as they own their home. We do the work we do because we not only want it to look great but to last as long as the house.

Don't wait any longer to make your basement beautiful, contact us today for a FREE quote!

Job Stories From Middletown, CT
Total Basement Finishing in Middletown, CT

One of our very own sales representatives Matt Kraus received a phone call one day from a homeowner in Middletown, Connecticut. A female was on the other end and was looking for a company that could offer her basement finishing. Obviously our team at Total Basement Finishing was more than prepared to assist this homeowner and help create her ideal basement. 

Once Matt got the call, he was able to schedule an appointment for a free estimate and inspection in order to get an idea of what the best steps would be to turn this dreary and musty basement into the heart of the household. After discussing with the homeowner about what she wanted in her basement, a team was quickly assembled, led by our foreman Erik Dobrzycki. With no hesitancy, our team was ready to roll out and get to work.

Since this basement had walls and flooring made out of brick, there was not great insulation as well as the ground being constantly cold and uncomfortable to walk on without shoes. This homeowner clearly saw that this could be severely upgraded in order to maximise utilization and comfort. In order to fulfill the homeowner’s desires, our crew installed Everlast walls and a window, ThermalDry flooring tiles, 2 new doors, a SaniDry dehumidifier, and a new electrical system. The combination of all these solutions created a warmer, and much more modern feel than it previously did. With the walls and window creating better insulation, the ThermalDry flooring that keeps the ground dryer and warmer and a dehumidifier keeping all unwanted air particles properly filtered, this Middletown homeowner was given her ideal basement.

With a basement that was very outdated, cold, and unwanted, our crew was able to completely change that into a basement that no one would want to leave. With the new basement providing warmth, comfort and a modern feel, there is no doubt that this homeowner made the right choice by calling Total Basement Finishing, the basement finishing division of Connecticut Basement Systems.


Work Requests From Middletown, CT
Vicinity of Yellow Pine Circle in Middletown
Bought a new house with finished basement that has two sump pumps on both ends of the space. Want to turn this space to an in-law set up but need to get rid of moisture smell. Want to make sure the space is liveable.
Vicinity of Russell St in Middletown
Water in basement
Vicinity of Yellow Yellow Cir in Middletown
Looking for two quotes to 1) install curtain drain along front of garage to tie into existing drainage. 2) pricing for also doing drainage along the length of back of the house.
Vicinity of NEJAKO DR in Middletown
I am looking for a quote to finishing all or part of my basement to build a home office. I am looking to start this project as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Chelsea Court in Middletown
Basement floods every time it rains heavily. Would like to finish the basement but need to address the flooding first. Looking for an estimate to do both.
Vicinity of Brookview Ln in Middletown
I nead a new sump pump in my basement
Vicinity of Barbara Road in Middletown
Very minor leak in basement. Hi water table visible outside. Want dry basement and possible recreation room someday.
Vicinity of E. Ridge Rd in Middletown
I am purchasing a home that has some cracks in the cinderblock foundation. It seems that there could be some water seepage because of this. There are more severe cracks in the garage foundation that are wider. I would like to get an assessment as to how much of a problem these cracks are; is this a severe structural problem or can this just be patched up? I would also like to get an estimate on the repairs. Thank you so much.
Vicinity of Mile Lane in Middletown
Water in the basement- no visible source as to where it is coming from.
Vicinity of McCormick Lane in Middletown
I have a leak in my basement foundation wall.
Vicinity of Timber Ridge Rd in Middletown
I have some leaks that I want to repair and then I want to refinish the basement
Vicinity of Poplar Road in Middletown
Basement in normally dry but in moderate rain, small ammount water enters thru bilko hatch. In heavy rain will get water thru floor to wall joint and in extreme rain will get water thru cracks in floor. ahave gotten up to a half inch of water in basement low point. In the process of selling house and potential for water became an issue with potential buyer.
Vicinity of Bartholomew Road in Middletown
I have some temporary columns in my basement that need replacing. I am just beginning my search for someone to do the job. I know they will need footings etc. It is difficult to quote a price without seeing the job but I am just looking for a ball park figure. I also have an issue with water coming in thru the basement windows but I am concerned about the columns first. Can you give me an idea of what I am in for money wise?? The height of the ceiling is about 7 feet?
Vicinity of in Middletown
Water seeping through joint of concrete wall and floor
Vicinity of Round Hill Rd. in Middletown
I have a sump pump. It maybe not deep enough. I get water up from the floor around the chimney area under the stairway down to the basement. Nothing through the walls since I put up new gutters. City water now old well. Septic in the back yard.
Vicinity of Thimble Rock Road in Middletown
Vicinity of Red Glen Road in Middletown
Since August, the finished basement has been taking on water --- damp to wet carpet, musty smell, etc. We've lived in this home since 2010 and this is the first incidence of a water issue. We have checked the bilco door area and found that after rain, the steps have remained dry. We have trench drains in the backyard which seem to be draining normally to the street. At this time, we are looking to see what's going on and a possible project estimate.
Vicinity of Orchard Hill Lane in Middletown
My house is built on a slab on grade foundation. There is a crack in the slab, and a part of the house that is settling (sloping room) after the crack.
Vicinity of Newfield Court in Middletown
With all this rain I've got water in the basement coming from the floor/wall where they meet, I've an old 1952 house and wanted to see what my options are.
Vicinity of in Middletown
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