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Before and After Pictures from New Haven County
Wall Restoration and WaterGuard in West Haven, CT

Wall Restoration and WaterGuard in West Haven, CT

Before After
Wall Restoration and WaterGuard in West Haven, CT Wall Restoration and WaterGuard in West Haven, CT

Before, this West Haven basement would get unwanted water seeping through the area. This homeowner was greatly frustrated because he used his basement as a place to relax and enjoy. He wanted to waterproof the area so this would not become a problem anymore. After doing much research, he decided to trust the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems.

To ensure that water would not enter the basement anymore, a WaterGuard system was installed paired with a TripleSafe sump pump system. The WaterGuard is a below the floor system that collects water internally and channels it to the TripleSafe sump pump. From the TripleSafe, the water is discharged away from the home. A SaniDry Sedona was also installed to keep humidity low which will increase the quality of air. There was water damage on the walls that was attracting mold and was not appealing. To solve this problem, we installed a half wall restoration system to the walls, essentially removing the bottom water damaged wall and replacing with our EverLast paneling which will prevent mold. ThermalDry Charcoal Carpet was also installed to give the basement a finished look. The homeowner is now extremely satisfied with his dry and healthier basement! 


Total Basement Finishing in Woodbridge, CT

Total Basement Finishing in Woodbridge, CT

Before After
Total Basement Finishing in Woodbridge, CT Total Basement Finishing in Woodbridge, CT

This basement needed a complete transformation. Due to issues of moisture and mold, and unfinished living conditions, it was an unusable space before the renovation. Thanks to Vincent Orsini assessing the space, the household owners were guided with what will be the best solution to these problems.

A total basement finishing project was done to completely transform this room to dry and livable. Foreman, Victor Ivanpall completed this job by installing EverLast wall panels and ThermalDry Elite flooring in light pecan to make the space dry and comfortable. A SaniDry dehumidifier was also installed to create dry, clean air, and reduce mold and moisture.  

With this beautiful makeover, the homeowners were happy and are now able to use this open space, with no worries about damages in the future.

EverLast Windows in Meriden, CT

EverLast Windows in Meriden, CT

Before After
EverLast Windows in Meriden, CT EverLast Windows in Meriden, CT

This Meriden homeowner had a basement that was dark and uninviting. He wanted a solution that would not only brighten his basement but also help with the efficiency of his home. He decided to give Connecticut Basement Systems a call since they were the experts of all things basementy!

The solution for this Meriden homeowner was to install an EverLast window and provide a SaniDry dehumidifier. The SaniDry dehumidifier will control the humidity in the basement which will help prevent mold and keep the area clean and pleasant. The EverLast window was a great product to install because it is nearly 3 times more energy efficient than a single-pane window. It will also not corrode, rot nor support mold growth. And just like the homeowner wanted, the new window really brightens the entire basement, just look at the before and after! Marcio Bahienese and his production team did an excellent job installing the products.

Now, this Meriden homeowner is very pleased with the products and got all of his concerns resolved! 

Does your basement need an upgrade? Give us a call at  

Premier Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair Company in New Haven County, CT

I just wanted to say thank you. Roberto, Adrian, Angelo, and Sean were fantastic. Your installers worked well together. They...
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Expert Basement Finishing & Remodeling in New Haven County, CT 

Whether you're looking to build a man cave, a room for the kids to play in, a wet bar, a home theater, or just want more storage space, finishing your basement can make your dream a reality.

We work in New Haven County, CT basements all the time and know what's right to do in a basement space and what isn't. Our staff has the experience, technique and products to turn your dark basement into an additional part of your home living space.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on your basement project only to have to redo it after water damage! Choose from our beautiful, waterproof materials for a perfect basement that will last.

How We Create Your Perfect Living Space

  • Washable Basement Walls that are Waterproof
  • Thermal Basement Flooring-with a wide variety of styles
  • Mold resistant, Non Sag Basement Ceiling
  • Basement Staircases & Full Basement Bathrooms
  • Energy-Efficient, Double-paned, Basement Windows
  • Glass French doors, bi-fold doors, louver doors, and six-paneled steel doors
  • Energy-Efficient Basement Lighting
  • Written Warranties on Products | Financing Available

Mold Damage in Middle River, MD

Do you have mold in your basement?

Water can easily damage your home’s foundation, whether this be from flooding, moisture, or just excess water seeping through your foundation’s concrete over time. The real problem occurs when moisture comes in contact with organic materials like wood, plywood, carpet, tiles, fiberglass, and even products like “mold-resistant” drywall. Water in the basement means mold and rot will begin to grow on the drywall (in some cases where not visible) and will may need to be repaired, over even worse, re-gutted. But there is a solution!

Why our basement finishing products are the solution!

Beatiful Basement Flooring in Middle River, MD

To prevent damage from flooding or excess water in your basement, we install a water drainage system before finishing your basement using waterproof and mold resistant materials. Our materials look just like wood and tile but are inorganic and resistant to mold. Our materials are also easily washable. You don’t need to search for studs in order to hang items on the wall, as our panels support up to 300 lbs! Each of the panels is built with an unbroken sheet of insulation inside and the floor panels have raised pegs keeping them off the concrete. This completely insulates your basement.

Waterproof Basement Walls in Middle River, MD

Proudly serving New Haven County

For years, Connecticut Total Basement Finishing has been recognized as an industry leader in basement finishing and remodeling basements for New Haven County residents. This recognition comes from our millions of satisfied customers throughout Connecticut who love their basements for as long as they own their home. We do the work we do because we not only want it to look great but to last as long as the house.

Don't wait any longer to make your basement beautiful, contact us today for a FREE quote!

Case Studies From New Haven County
This Seymour, CT homeowner’s unfinished basement used to be little more than a drab storage space. He felt his basement could be used for more,...
Job Stories From New Haven County, CT
Total Basement Finishing in Oxford CT

Before our Total Basement Finishing team came in, The R. Family's  basement was mainly used as a storage area. The homeowners, however, wanted to make use of this space as a home gym and media center. Ron Marra, a basemet expert, came in and helped the family decide what to do.

After Justin Vizard waterproofed the basement, Eric Dobrzycki worked on transforming the basement into a beautiful living space. He installed our Drop Ceiling Tiles, which are specifically made for basement environments and have a 30 year warranty against mold and sagging. The new basement also has EverLast wall panels, which are engineered to never get moldy or rot, unlike the traditional drywall.

The owners of this home were very happy with their new basement living space, which will last for years to come.

Basement Transformation in Milford, CT

This Milford home wanted to transform their basement to a finished, livable area. The homeowners reached out to Connecticut Basement Systems for a free, no obligation estimate since they are the experts in all things basementy! 

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Vin Orsini arrived at the home to have a look at the basement. He concluded that the basement had a lot of potential and gave the homeowners some design ideas. They agreed upon EverLast walls, ThermalDry Charcoal Carpet, ThermalDry Sandstone Gray Tile, Ceiling Linen and a bathroom package. Each of these products are waterproofed and durable, ensuring that the basement will be dry and warm all year long. The homeowners were excited to see how these products would transform their basement to beautiful.

Bruce Reynolds and his team installed each product professionally and efficiently. The transformation was astonishing and the homeowners were very pleased! 

Half Wall Restoration in Beacon Falls, CT

This Beacon Falls basement had water damage done to the walls caused by unwanted water entering the basement. This caused great concern for the homeowner who wanted a healthy and dry basement. With this concern, she decided to call Connecticut Basement Systems to schedule an appointment for a free, no obligation estimate. 

On the day of the appointment, Glen Knafel arrived at the home to assess the situation. He concluded that a WaterGuard system would need to be installed and that the bottom half of the walls would need to be replaced with EverLast walls.

Glen explained to the homeowner that the WaterGuard system would keep the basement dry all year long, collecting water before it even enters the basement. The water is then channeled to a sump pump to release the water away from the basement. To address the damaged walls, the bottom of the walls can be replaced with the EverLast wall panels. These panels will not support any mold growth and is waterproof, ensuring that this damage will not happen again. This is exactly what the homeowner had wanted and decided to move forward with the project.

On the day of production, Al Guglielmoni and his team installed the WaterGuard System efficiently and professionally. Next, Chavon Bowman and his team installed the half walls of EverLast Panels to fix the damage that was there. Once everything was completed, the basement was completely transformed and the homeowner was extremely happy with the products and results. Now, the homeowner enjoys a healthy and dry basement! 

Total Basement Transformation in Beacon Falls, CT

This Beacon Falls homeowner wanted to transform his basement to beautiful. Originally, he already had a finished basement, but the flooring and walls were falling apart due to faulty products. The homeowner wanted a place where he could enjoy and be comfortable in. With some ideas in mind, he decided to reach out to the experts a Connecticut Basement Systems.

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Vin Orsini arrived at the home and evaluated the basement. He carefully listened to all of the homeowner’s ideas and recommended the appropriate products to compliment his ideas. By the end of the appointment, Vin and the homeowner came up with a plan to have the perfect basement. 

The plan for this basement was to install new flooring, walls, stairs and windows. EverLast wall panels are a great choice because they are strong, durable and waterproofed…not to mention they look great in a basement! The homeowners then decided on dark walnut Thermal Dry elite flooring. This product is noticeably warmer than concrete flooring and will not absorb moisture or attract mold. New stairs were a must since it is the first impression when entering a basement. New windows will give the basement a bright and welcoming feeling. This is exactly what the homeowner had wanted and was thrilled that there were products to compliment his vision.

On the day of production, Foreman Erik Dobrzycki installed all of the products professionally and efficiently. The entire project took about 2 weeks to complete. The start of the project included the removal of the existing flooring to have a fresh start. Next, insulation of the rim joists was performed to keep the basement insulated and the floors of the main floor of the home warmer. Then the stairs were installed and next the wall and windows. The flooring was last to be installed and then the project was completed. The basement was transformed to the exact vision that the homeowner had and he was excited that he was now able to utilize his finished basement!  

Basement Finishing in Wallingford, CT

This Wallingford home's basement was cold and uninviting, and the homeowners were uncomfortable any time they made a trip down into it. They wanted to turn the space into a basement that they could truly enjoy, so when their friend referred them to the experts at Total Basement Finishing, they reached out to find the basement solution best for them. 

Sales Representative Brad Glazer traveled to the home to devise a plan for finishing the basement. He talked to the homeowners to get an idea of their vision for the basement, and decided that making that vision a reality meant new floors, walls, and a drop ceiling would need to be installed. Soon, Finishing Foreman Allan Guglielmoni arrived to begin the basement transformation. Specifically designed for basement environments, EverLast wall panels are strong, durable and waterproof, making it the perfect addition to any basement. ThermalDry Elite Planking is also waterproof and come with a built in thermal barrier that helps to keep the finished floor about ten degrees warmer compared to traditional concrete flooring. Finally, Allan finished the project by installing our Ceiling Linen Tiles, which are backed by a 30-year warranty against sagging. These beautiful tlies help to brighten the space and give it a nice, finished look. 

Once the basement was completely finished, the homeowners were thrilled with the results. They could not believe how dramatic the basement transformation was, and could not wait to enjoy the newly improved space for years to come. 

Basement Finishing and Waterproofing in Southbury, CT

A house located in Southbury, Connecticut was one that was relatively large in terms of square footage, which also applied to the basement. Although there was an abundance of space in this basement, it was still unfinished and being underappreciated. There was not much more than a laundry room and extra space for storage within this basement. Over time, the homeowner decided that the basement was in need of a transformation so that it could be properly utilized and appreciated.

Once the homeowner came to this conclusion, our sales representative, Matt Kraus received a phone call informing our Total Basement Finishing team that there was a homeowner in Southbury in need of basement finishing. Matt then gave a free inspection and estimation for the Southbury basement and planned accordingly with the homeowner to figure out what he wanted his basement to turn into. After a long discussion, a plan was in place and our TBF crew was more than prepared to get to work as soon as possible.

With such a large space to work on, that meant there would be many basement finishing solutions used in order to bring this homeowner's dreams to fruition. In terms of finishing the basement we used the following solutions: Everlast wall panels, ceiling linen, a full bathroom, Elite flooring planks, an exterior door, a new pine staircase, a Base Free elecrtical system, a few outlets and switches, and lastly a smoke alarm. With all of these solutions installed into the basememt, the appearance of the basement had been completely upgraded and looked modern as well as extremely appealing to the homeowners and any guests they would have in the future.

Although the appearance of the basement was changed, the function of the basement was also slightly upgraded as our team also installed a few waterproofing solutions so that this beautiful basement could not be damaged by excess water in the future. The waterproofing solutions installed were Brightwall wall panels, repairing a few cracks in the foundation of the basement, and a Sanidry dehumidifier to filter out and overly-moist or dangerous air particles.

After such an extensive project, the final results spoke for themselves as the basement was fully functional and newly appealing. The homeowners could not have been more thankful for the work our team did and we were more than happy to help their wishes come true.

Work Requests From New Haven County, CT
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Need a quote for waterproofing a basement. There is water gaining entry to the house in the basement area along the bottom of the walls
Project Location: New Haven, CT
There have been leaks in our stone foundation which has caused small puddles in the basement.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Looking for quote to remodel portion of already "finished" basement.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
We are under contract for a home. We just had the home inspection and know there is some visible mold, the cellar doors are not water or air tight, and there are some cracks. We also know some of the downspouts are incorrectly aligned and there may be issues with the grade. We are having a mold test done next Monday. We'd like to know what our options are for preventing any water breaching in future and the ensure there is no further mold growth after remediation.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
We are purchasing a home with a basement that has been partially finished. We would like to finish an additional section of the basement and upgrade the already finished portion. We would like to discuss the possibility of: removing two walls (13 foot and 8 foot) and subfloor, adding one 8-foot wall, installing faux-wood flooring, fixing ceiling, adding shower to existing 1/2 bath, and moving laundry near 1/2 bath. Have floor plans and photographs.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
I'd like an estimate on basement refinishing.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Want to waterproof basement subject to flooding.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Basement to hometheatre and bar
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Interested in water proofing 1,000 sq ft Basement to prepare it for finishing.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
I need a quote in gettiing my basement waterproofed
Project Location: New Haven, CT
24-36 hours after exceptionally heavy rainfall we get water in our basement. The water seems to come in from one corner in particular. It is never enough to cause damage but seeps up between the vinyl tile. We are interested in solutions to remediate this.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Water gets into basement
Project Location: New Haven, CT
I need my basement insulated as well as my attic space insulation R-value increased.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Basement flooding
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Groundwater pooling in basement after rain. Concerned that basement requires waterproofing. Would like an estimate.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Water in kitchen area every time it rains. its a private entrance into basement that seems to be coming in a bit down the stairs....but i think may be coming up from the ground.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
I would like to get an estimate for waterproofing and see if I need a dehumidifier, as my basement is damp and I would like to have it be suitable for storing some furniture and clothing.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Water in basement front of house foundation, have sump pumps but this is a recent problem.
Project Location: New Haven, CT
We have water in our basement from the last time it rained
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Damp basement - Needs a dehumidifier running 24/7. There's flaking of the paint on the concrete floor in the basement. Want to ensure we are protecting our home and be able to safely use the space for storage. We are not looking to use the basement for anything other than storage.
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