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Total Basement Finishing of Connecticut is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Old Greenwich. Learn more about Total Basement Finishing of Connecticut's recent work requests in Old Greenwich and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Old Greenwich, CT
Vicinity of Manor Road in Old Greenwich
We have an old sump pump in our basement. While working, I'm not sure for how much longer. I would like an estimate on having a new pump installed.
Vicinity of Midbrook Ln in Old Greenwich
Thinking about installing a commercial dehumidifier in the basement
Vicinity of Shore Road in Old Greenwich
2012 vintage home. Hairline crack in basement wall. Moisture has come through in the past. Want to make sure it doesnt become a significant problem in the future.
Vicinity of Center Dr in Old Greenwich
Hi - I have a stair crack on my basement foundation wall, as well as dampness/musty smell of mold on the walls. if you serve the Greenwich area, i would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate. Kalyan
Vicinity of Rockland Place in Old Greenwich
Would like onsite consult for finishing estimate.
Vicinity of Sylvan Lane in Old Greenwich
Would like to convert laundry "room" in basement of a 1920's house. Room includes water heater and heating system for the home. Low ceiling, vents runnings across the room (bump my head on them all the time), unfinished walls, etc. Want a better organized, bright and clean space. Colette Chestnut and Robert Kuperman
Vicinity of W END AVE in Old Greenwich
Finishing a complete rebuild of an old house and want to finish the basement. Have stone foundation that leaks. Plan to install gutters, etc, but also interested in the following: - sacrificial parge of lime-mortar to seal up cracks - install perimeter drainage system and connect to a new sump pump - install drainage mat along the base of foundation wall to allow foundation walls to drain - apply moisture control epoxy coating over slab - recommend closed cell spray foam/other insulation for contractor to use
Vicinity of Random Road in Old Greenwich
I need a basement 'makeover'
Vicinity of Manor Road in Old Greenwich
Vicinity of Havemeyer Lane in Old Greenwich
The floor in one room has sank on the borders by about 2 inches. The floor is right above the crawl space. It seems it happened some time ago. A bathroom adjacent to that room also went down a bit (less than an inch). The condition seems to require an immediate attention. Thanks.
Vicinity of Rockmere Avenue in Old Greenwich
Dirt crawl space needs attention
Vicinity of Lockwood Drive in Old Greenwich
Damp crawl space
Vicinity of Quintard Avenue in Old Greenwich
I am building a new house and looking to waterproof and finish my basement.
Vicinity of Sunset Road in Old Greenwich
Need an estimate for how best to insulate a crawlspace in one section of the house.
Vicinity of Shore Road in Old Greenwich
We are moving into a new house September 17th and wanted to fix items in the inspection. Below is from the report: Recommend having a carpenter install a new pressure treated cripple wall in the rear crawl space for improved long-term support. The crawl space has a dirt floor and is very damp and humid. Recommend installing a professional grade heavy plastic vapor barrier on the dirt floor to reduce moisture, rodent, and insect infiltration. Removing/replacing all water damaged drywall and wall insulation by the rear bulkhead door area. Replace interior bulkhead door with insulated and weather-stripped exterior grade steel door.
Vicinity of Ledge Rd in Old Greenwich
Basement has become very damp since 'Sandy'
Vicinity of Palmer Island in Old Greenwich
My 100 year old house previously did not let much water in during storms. During Sandy the water rose such that the water found entry ways through the masonry into the basement. I would like to prevent that from happening in the future.
Vicinity of Clark Street in Old Greenwich
Interested in an estimate on a battery-powered backup sump pump for our basement. Thanks.
Vicinity of Sunset Road in Old Greenwich
I would like to discuss with you an installation of a battery powered backup for our sump pump. I know you are extremely busy now, and am just making the request while it is fresh on my mind. Please tend to all of your customers who are in real need and you can get back to me whenever you get a chance, Thank you, David
Vicinity of Fairgreen Lane in Old Greenwich
We are developing 2 houses and one has high radon levels which we wish to remediate wile we are renovating.
Vicinity of Havemeyer Lane in Old Greenwich
I am interested in an estimate to add a dehumidifier to my basement.
Vicinity of North Ridge Road in Old Greenwich
I have water infiltrating part of my basement through a portion of a seam about twelve inches long between the basement slab and the footing. This only occurs when it rains heavily. I would like ideas on correcting this problem.