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Expert Basement Finishing & Remodeling in Riverside, Connecticut 

Whether you're looking to build a man cave, a room for the kids to play in, a wet bar, a home theater, or just want more storage space, finishing your basement can make your dream a reality.

We have spent decades finishing basements and remodeling poorly-utilized basement spaces in Riverside, CT. When you work with Total Basement Finishing of Connecticut, you know that we're bringing the basement remodeling skills you deserve, ensuring results you can enjoy for years to come.

Our staff has the experience, technique and products to turn your dark basement into an additional part of your home living space.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on your basement finishing project only to have to redo it after water damage! Choose from our beautiful, waterproof materials for a perfect basement that will last.

How We Create Your Perfect Living Space

  • Washable Basement Walls that are Waterproof
  • Thermal Basement Flooring-with a wide variety of styles
  • Mold-resistant, Non-Sag Basement Ceiling
  • Basement Staircases & Full Basement Bathrooms
  • Energy-Efficient, Double-paned, Basement Windows
  • Glass French doors, bi-fold doors, louver doors, and six-paneled steel doors
  • Energy-Efficient Basement Lighting
  • Written Warranties on Products | Financing Available

Mold Damage in Middle River, MD

Do you have mold in your basement?

Water can easily damage your home’s foundation, whether this be from flooding, moisture, or just excess water seeping through your foundation’s concrete over time. The real problem occurs when moisture comes in contact with organic materials like wood, plywood, carpet, tiles, fiberglass, and even products like “mold-resistant” drywall. Water in the basement means mold and rot will begin to grow on the drywall (in some cases where not visible) and will may need to be repaired, over even worse, re-gutted. But there is a solution!

Why our basement finishing products are the solution!

Beatiful Basement Flooring in Middle River, MD

To prevent damage from flooding or excess water in your basement, we install a water drainage system before finishing your basement using waterproof and mold resistant materials. Our materials look just like wood and tile but are inorganic and resistant to mold. Our materials are also easily washable. You don’t need to search for studs in order to hang items on the wall, as our panels support up to 300 lbs! Each of the panels is built with an unbroken sheet of insulation inside and the floor panels have raised pegs keeping them off the concrete. This completely insulates your basement.

Waterproof Basement Walls in Middle River, MD

Proudly serving Riverside

For years, Connecticut Total Basement Finishing has been recognized as an industry leader in basement finishing and remodeling basements for Riverside residents. This recognition comes from our millions of satisfied customers throughout Connecticut who love their basements for as long as they own their home. We do the work we do because we not only want it to look great but to last as long as the house.

Don't wait any longer to make your basement beautiful, contact us today for a FREE quote!

Case Studies From Riverside
This basement located in Riverside, CT had plenty of space in terms of square-footage, but was completely unfinished. There was unbelievable...
Job Stories From Riverside, CT
EverLast and SaniDry in Riverside, CT

This Riverside, CT homeowner wanted to transform his basement from a cold, dark storage area into a beautiful new living space that he could enjoy with his family. The basement was large, but concrete walls and floors made it unlivable, so it gradually became a cluttered storage space. The homeowner envisioned a new basement where his family could relax, host friends, and spend time together in comfort. As he was looking for a solution, a friend referred him to the experts at Total Basement Finishing, and the homeowner reached out to schedule a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Brad Glazer traveled to the home to evaluate the basement. After introducing himself to the homeowner, Brad began to take a look around and get a feel for the basement. It was not long before Brad realized that the homeowner’s basement had great potential to become a beautiful new part of his home. It was a large, open space that could be made useful for a number of purposes. First, however, it would need some upgrades to make it warmer, more inviting, and more comfortable. Brad shared his findings with the homeowner and proposed some products that would help to transform the downstairs area. After some discussion, the homeowner agreed with Brad’s findings and decided to move forward with the project.

On the day of production, Foreman Joe Orsini and his crew arrived at the home to begin their work. They started by installing EverLast Walls throughout the basement. These innovative walls are made from a combination of rigid foam insulation and a concrete cladding, which is finished with a vinyl surface treatment. This process produces a wall system that is 197% more durable than traditional drywall, plus it eliminates the need for bothersome fiberglass batts by insulating with an R-level of R-15 on its own. EverLast comes in an aesthetic off-white color, so it does not even need to be painted (although it can be), and is the perfect first step in making any unfinished basement more attractive and comfortable.

Next, the crew installed ThermalDry Carpet in Charcoal. ThermalDry carpet comes in 1’x1’ squares that attach with interlocking joints for speedy installation and easy repair. Made from inorganic materials, this carpet will not support mildew or mold growth, and is even stain resistant. ThermalDry tiles each sit on small plastic pegs, which provide a built-in thermal break to your flooring. This means that ThermalDry remains 8-10 degrees warmer than the cold concrete below. Just like EverLast, ThermalDry is both an aesthetic and functional upgrade for any basement.

As the crew finished with the details of the basement, they added a SaniDry dehumidifier to help keep the environment healthy and comfortable. A SaniDry Sedona is the world’s most efficient high-performance dehumidifier, without a bulky heat exchange core. It can remove 100 pints of moisture from the air every day and drains itself. Plus, the SaniDry has a built-in humidity sensor, so once it is installed, there is nothing left for the homeowner to do. By keeping relative humidity below 55%, the SaniDry prevents mold from occurring and rids the home of common indoor allergens, such as those caused by dust mites. It is an effective and efficient way to keep any part of your home dry and healthy.

As the crew finished up their work, the homeowner was astonished at the results. With new walls and floors, he hardly recognized his basement. He was excited with the new addition to his home, and could not wait to share it with friends and family.

Work Requests From Riverside, CT
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Sagging floor - mostly second floor, but 1st floor as well.
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Leak in basement along driveway side of house
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Discuss installation of sump and basement waterproofing.
Project Location: Riverside, CT
We would like to explore a channel to redirect rain water in a basement floor to an existing sump well and pump previously installed by you in the boiler room at St. Paul's Church in Riverside.
Project Location: Riverside, CT
We have flooding and our sump pump can keep up , but it is old and we just had a generator put in place because if the power goes out, we can have a lot of water. Presently, there are just streams that come through the base ment.
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Inquiring about slabjacking
Project Location: Riverside, CT
We recently completed an addition and we now have a new basement storage area that is accessible from outside only. We want to have someone come and give us an estimate for adding a dehumidifier to that new area.
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Hi, My basement is unfinished and has a lot of crawl space. i want to convert the crawl space into basement and need to assess the structures to see if possible
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Interested in converting the crawl space.
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Old basement water creeps up with rain and water table gets high
Project Location: Riverside, CT
I would like to have an evaluation of the house that I am currently renting, because I am interested in buying it. In the 2 years that we have lived here, the basement has been flooded 3 times, so I would like to know how much it would cost to fix the problem permanently. The house already has a sump pump, but it looks like it doesn't have enough capacity.
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Finish basement
Project Location: Riverside, CT
I have a space crawl space under some floor boards that seems to smell of mildew and I can start to see what appears to be spores. I wanted someone to clean out the space and how best to treat the area.
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Some water in unfinished basement make dry and sparkling!
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Recently purchased a house. During rain, water leaks up from the ground into our crawlspace and garage. There is a sump pump installed, but it does not appear to be functional. I Would like an estimate on what needs to be done to prevent water from getting in in the future.
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Crawspace insulation to keep room above comfortable and warm
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Found water and mold in basement
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Looking to bolster flood protection from plumbing/HVAC failures.
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Have water that leaks in at wall/floor joint in basement when it rains
Project Location: Riverside, CT
Slight leakage in our basement during heavy rain; erosion around the house
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