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Nothing can add light and natural beauty to a dark basement like having fantastic-looking basement windows installed. That's what basement windows were installed to do!

If you have basement windows that look ugly or are rusted, rotted, or drafty, then they're not doing their job correctly. Whether you're using your basement as finished space, or you're just interested in saving money on your energy bills, this is a great opportunity to create a more comfortable and valuable space in your home.

At Total Basement Finishing of Connecticut, we're standing by to offer you a free, no-obligation basement window insulation quote! To schedule an on-site inspection and to receive a written cost quote, contact us by phone or e-mail today!

Our basement experts serve throughout Connecticut and New York, including Yonkers, Stamford, Norwalk, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, New Haven, White Plains, Groton, Norwich, Greenwich, Somers, West Hartford, Manchester, Clinton, Portland and nearby.

Basement Window Designs That Do Not Work

When it comes to basement windows, our experts at Total Basement Finishing of Connecticut have seen it all -- including the good, the bad, and the ugly. And with well over two decades in the industry, we've had plenty of time to see firsthand what makes a quality basement window installation.

Given that, here's a few design choices that we do NOT recommend:

An old, rusted basement window with a steel frame in Greenwich.

Steel Basement Windows

Steel basement windows are typically designed with a single pane glass window and a steel frame.

Disadvantages To Steel Windows:

Poor Energy Efficiency: As we know, metal is a poor insulation material. When they're brand new, steel basement windows have an R-1 insulation rating. This means that 50% of the heat that reaches them passes directly through.

Short Lifespan: Within 5-10 years' time, steel basement windows will rust and corrode so badly that they'll need to be replaced. That means that from the day they're installed onward, they're already beginning to grow drafty and ugly.

Loss Of Functionality: When steel basement windows begin to rust in place, they will become difficult or impossible to open and close. If water is building up against these corroding windows, they will be more prone to leaking than ever -- and that water will end up in your basement!

A wood framed basement window installed brand-new in White Plains.

Wood-Framed Basement Windows

Wood-framed basement windows are usually designed with a single pane of glass, and a painted wood frame. Because wood is more energy efficient than steel, these windows are superior to steel-framed windows.

Disadvantages To Wood-Framed Windows

Continual Maintenance: The painted wood will break down continually. To keep these windows looking good, you'll need to repaint them every 5-8 years.

Short Lifespan: Wood basement windows are exposed to more water, mud, and humidity than other windows in your home. So while all window frames can be damaged by rot, this kind of damage affects basement windows much more often.

Attracts Mold & Pests: Along with rot, wooden window frames will also support mold growth. And because basement windows are located so close to the ground, this damp, rotting wood can serve as a way for termites, carpenter ants, and wood-eating insects to enter your home.

An old metal basement window well showing signs of rust and corrosion in Norwich.

Old-Fashioned Basement Window Wells

Basement window wells are typically designed using aluminum, wood, or steel. They are most often installed in a half-oval shape that encloses your basement window.

Disadvantages To Old-Fashioned Window Wells

Poor Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency might seem like a strange thing to consider when choosing your basement window well. But if you replace your old-fashioned model with a window well that includes a clear cover, your window is now protected from being buffeted by cold winds all winter long.

Short Lifespan: Old-fashioned window wells will quickly begin to rust, rot, or corrode, leaving an ugly shell around each window. I'm sure that's not the view they were planning on when your basement windows were installed!

Fills With Debris, Snow, & Rainwater: Open window wells will continually fill with dirt, leaves, debris, rainwater, and snow. As this debris builds up, weeds and even seedling trees may begin to grow in the wells.

Along with the eyesore, water pooling in wells will build up against the basement windows. Most basement windows are not water-tight, so that water is likely to end up leaking through to your basement space.

A basement window insulation panel installed in a home in Trumbull.

Insulated Basement Window?

Perhaps the easiest, most effective way to increase your basement window's energy efficiency is to install window insulation panels over each window.

Our Advanced Energy Panels feature a subtle design (See the panels installed on the windows in the picture above?), as well as an extremely effective insular upgrade.

Once installed, the panels will enhance your basement windows' energy efficiency dramatically -- as much as three times over!

More About Window Insulation Panels

Energy Efficient Basement Windows

According to a report made by the US Department Of Energy, homeowners living in colder climates can save up to 30-40% on their energy bills simply by sealing the windows in their home.

What windows could be draftier and less energy efficient than corroded, outdated basement windows? Between the rotted frame and that thin, drafty pane of glass, heat literally flows straight through the windows.

At Total Basement Finishing of Connecticut, we've selected our basement window, window wells, and insulation panels with energy efficiency and long-lasting quality in mind -- so you can make the most of your home improvement investment!

Our Basement Window System Features:

(Click for more information about each problem.)

Our basement window system is sure to stay looking brand new for many, many years to come. They require minimal cleaning and will never need the painting and maintenance of alternative basement window systems.

Install Beautiful, Long-Lasting, & Energy Efficient Basement Windows!

At Total Basement Finishing of Connecticut, our products have been used to upgrade hundreds of thousands of basements worldwide for well over two decades. We'd like these award-winning products to make your home a more beautiful, comfortable, and valuable space as well.

To schedule a free, no-obligation basement window upgrade quote, contact us by phone or e-mail today! Your free quote includes an on-site measurement and inspection, a written cost estimate, and a full-color copy of our basement book!

We serve the Connecticut and New York area, including Norwalk, Stamford, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, New Haven, White Plains, Groton, Norwich, Greenwich, Somers, West Hartford, Manchester, Clinton, Portland and many other areas nearby.

A Durable Vinyl Frame

The frames of our EverLast™ Basement Windows are designed with a durable vinyl design. They'll never rust, rot, corrode, or need to be repainted.

Vinyl is more than 20 times less thermally conductive than steel and aluminum, making it a far better choice for energy efficiency when compared to metal frames.

Low-E Double-Paned Glass Panes

Low-E glass reflects heat backwards through an extremely thin metallic coating on or inside the glass itself. It allows visible light to pass through easily, while blocking some invisible UV light from making its way through.

Having two panes of glass on your basement windows leaves an air space between the two panes, which creates a thermal break that will also work to hold back heat transfer in your home.

Covered Basement Window Wells

Our SunHouse™ Basement Windows Wells include a stylish design that maximizes the sunlight in your basement, needs no paint, and will never rust, rot, or corrode in your basement.

A durable clear cover is included with the SunHouse™ design that will hold back leaves, debris, snow, and rain water, for a long-lasting solution for your basement windows.

An Easy-To Remove Design

EverLast™ windows include two sliding windows that can be opened and closed easily. Since the window frames will not rust, rot, or corrode, you can expect smooth operation of these windows for the lifetime of the window.

Each window pane can be removed for cleaning purposes, or to create an opening for you to pass long objects through your window and into your basement.

Stylish Window Insulation Panels

Window insulation panels are a subtle upgrade that makes an enormous difference in your basement's energy efficiency.

These window panels can be installed quickly over any window design, immediately making your windows as much as four times more energy efficient.

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